Friday 13 December 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!


364 days after saying 'I do' Gordon and I were thrilled to launch our new boat, the good Ship 'Monster'. What a way to celebrate our First Anniversary!  Aptly named after our Son, Monster is a 46ft. Kettle Creek Custom Cutter, a Bruce Roberts Spray design.  The last few months have
found us rather busy preparing the boat for her launch, downsizing from our 3 bedroom home, and most recently accustoming ourselves to living aboard and life afloat, as well as a new City and School.  You will now find us all secure for the winter, reveling in Gordon's return from his Tug. A big Thank You to all of you whom helped us achieve this dream! Please bookmark this page as this post will be the first of many, chronicling our life aboard and the adventures of the good Ship Monster.

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