Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I never fancied myself to be a blogger. But, here I am 9 posts and several drafts deep into my own Blog. Admittedly, I am finding that I am really enjoying writing, though I wouldn't consider myself by any means to be a Writer. What I am, is feeling creative. Again. The words have become shapes,
colors, tones and textures that I can mold into a sculpture of a sentence, a paragraph, a blog post, our blog named Good Ship Monster. I can paint a picture with my language. It is surprising to me to now find myself bursting with ideas of the written word! Writing is most certainly a process, as is any creative endeavor, and so I am usually a post or two ahead with drafts started as mere ideas and/or in the stages of editing. I have handwritten notes of lists and topics I've been inspired to write about, even a doodle or two. Sometimes I edit for weeks, sometimes only a day or so. It's not within me to post an update with no editing at all, I'm not really a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal.

Ultimately, I am writing this blog for ourselves, for Gordon, the Boy and myself. The Dog too, if she could read it.  It would be far to easy to become enraptured and wistful for voyages and destinations ahead, and to write about what may be. This will happen in its own course, and there will be no shortage of inspiration then. I hope. For now, this writing helps me be in the here and now, to record our days, experiences, and adventures as I, and we, wish. I'll happily share it with you of whom choose to read along. 

In the long run it will be unlikely that our Boy will remember living anywhere else but aboard Monster. Maybe snippets of our last house. This blog will be his story, that we curate for him, until he has yarns and tales to tell, perhaps even blog, himself. Gordon and I have intentionally chosen not to share all the details of our Son's life on this blog, nor, as you may already be aware, on social media. You will not find him on the most popular of sites, though I know a pic has slipped through here and there. You will not see his name nor face grace our blog neither. Perhaps a hand, a foot, or a shadow, but never his sweet face, or his beautiful baby blues. We have chosen to hinder, out of our love and respect, our son's online presence, as it is just that. HIS online presence. When he so comes upon the time in his days, he can create his profiles as we created our own. There is no doubting the role of an online presence, of social media, in his generation.  I'm sure we can't yet fathom it ourselves. Whatever it may be, it's his choice, and we'll leave it at that. 

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  1. These blog posts are a treasure! You will not regret taking the time to write and keep some of these memories alive. Thank you for sharing!


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