Wednesday, 16 July 2014

9 Months

As of mid July, my Boy & I, and the Dog, have lived aboard our Monster for 9 months. You may recall that Gordon joined us 7 weeks later when his tug boat laid up for the winter. The numbers, days, months & years seem somewhat significant lately. We are coming upon a number of milestones, this family of ours. 9 months on living on our boat, wow. I can't help but reflect upon this number as a measure of my pregnancy. Especially as my once baby Boy is about to turn 5! Gordon and I are also coming upon our 2nd wedding anniversary, and then hence, it'll be a year since we launched the boat. A year! How so much can change in a year. We certainly wouldn't have thought that we would be where we are now. My birthday is also on the horizon, and I learnt long ago that that's how life goes. Life happens when you are busy making plans.

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