Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday Muster

Muster Midships! 

Yet another week has passed us by. I've noticed through this commitment I've made to posting every Monday, just how fast the week passes. June will all too soon come to an end, there's only another week of school for our Boy and then the summer and Pan Am Games mayhem will be upon us. What occupies all our time? Work, work, work. This weeks pics have all been taken at work. More sunsets and skyline views, including a big freighter that crossed my path, Capt. Henry Jackman. 

^^ I spend a great deal of time starting at this bow, from this perspective. I have learnt that sometimes, in any given situation, the only thing that you can change is your own perspective.  

^^ Admittedly, this isn't a decent pic but, our marina has become the set for the filming of a TV series called Sensitive Skin. Starring Kim Cattrall, of Sex and the City fame, the marina is busy with the production and it's crew. I cycled past Kim the other day and she said hi to me! Sightings of her are a hot topic among all of us at the marina. 

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